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T-Post: A Wearable, Interactive, Jan Brewer-Slugging Magazine

This comes from the "things we love about Sweden" category -- including but not limited to their fish, indie bands and plastic furniture.

T-Post is a wearable magazine that was crafted by a few friends living in Sweden.

It works like this: you subscribe, much like a magazine, to T-Post. The Swedish friends then print an offbeat news story on the inside back of the shirt and a graphic artist's interpretation of that story on the front of the shirt. (How's that for a blatant excuse for a bad pick-up line?) The shirt is then packaged and mailed to your doorstep.

News must really travel far and wide.

Issue No. 55, Do I Look Illegal, was designed by Nikki Farquharson, a designer who's based in London. And the story is, you guessed it, about SB1070.

A peek at the inside story and subscription information after the jump ...

The inside starts with:

"In a desperate measure to reduce the number of drug- and gang-related crimes that allegedly occur in states that border Mexico, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer recently signed the U.S.'s toughest bill on illegal immigration into law, making Arizona the first state to demand that immigrants--specifically those of the brown-skinned variety, meet federal requirements to carry identity documents legitimizing their presence in "the land of the free"."

... and goes on to address Jan Brewer, Los Suns, boycotts, the Nazi party and Obama. It's no short story (probably an even better excuse for a pick-up line).

Each issue is only printed for the number of the subscribers at the time. They don't overprint and T-Posts aren't sold in stores. That means, to get your hands on issue No. 55, you might have to do some bartering with another subscriber.

If you subscribe (each T-Post is $18), the first t-shirt's the "Members issue" that's delivered about three weeks. Subsequent issues will arrive every five weeks. The most recent issues have implemented augmented reality technology to allow interaction with the design.

See? Those Swedes think of everything.

Check out the T-Post website for more info...

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