Allison Karow (aka Sunny Sealeopard) and Amalia Wilson (aka Amalia Ynternet) share a love for designing new concepts for art shows. Last year, the two hosted a show in Wilson's kitchen where there art was tucked away in cabinets and drawers, encouraging visitors to hunt for and interact with pieces. 

Tangle and Mulch Opens Wednesday at Inner City Youth Center

On Wednesday night, the duo will be taking a more traditional route -- hosting their newest exhibition, "Tangle and Mulch," at the Inner City Youth Center in downtown Phoenix. But just because the art is in a more traditional space doesn't mean the show won't have plenty of personality, they say.

"We go to a lot of music shows because there is a really expansive DIY [music] scene in Phoenix and Tempe," Wilson says. "Why can't we capitalize on this great crowd that comes out for music shows, really pays attention, and gets involved? That doesn't exist for art."

Image courtesy of Amalia Wilson
Event flyer for Tangle and Mulch

As art students, they were exposed to how the gallery scene usually runs, where openings are often filled with other art students, not generating any outside interest, Wilson says. 

"It seems like around here, the dominant opposition to the stuffy museum/gallery scene is street art, which can also be equally as unapproachable," Karow says. "So the idea is to look at what kind of events are actually approachable for people."

The show will feature work by the two artists themselves as well as other local and international artists including James Roemer, Jennifer Campbell, Andy Steinbrink, Olivia Kessler, Sarah Guck, Mitch Lillie, and more.

The two curators will allow the participating artists to bring in whatever they want to show off in the space including performance and video installations.

They even encourage event guests to sketch at the show and throw it up on the wall. 

"Tangle and Mulch" begins at 6 p.m. at ICYC, at 3214 E. Jefferson in Phoenix. Check out the event page on Facebook here.

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