Tania Katan Kicks Off a Literary/Performance Series at SMoCA Lounge

When Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art announced it was bringing author, performer, and all-around-kickass entertainer Tania Katan on board, we knew things were about to get interesting.

This month, Katan will launch her latest programed event, Lit Lounge.

What Katan describes as a little rock'n'roll, a little This American Life, will be a monthly opportunity to listen to selected authors and performers from Arizona and across the country. These lineups will share their stories, paired with live music, to a live audience in the SmoCA Lounge.

On June 22, Katan encourages all to buckle up for performances by author Beth Lisick and local comedian Leslie Barton.

"I've tried to mix the lineup a little with people of note and people that might be so well-known," says Katan. "I've had the luxury of seeing Leslie Barton perform over the years in town, and I knew I wanted to bring her in."

Katan says she'll be an "emcee lite" during the show, which runs from 7 to 8:30 p.m. in the SMoCA Lounge, and that future lineups will include New Times contributors Robrt Pela and Sativa Peterson, and Comedy Central Stage's Shaz Bennett (to name a few).

Tickets to the Lit Lounge are $10. Call 480.874.4666 for more info.

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Claire Lawton
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