"Tanning Concierge" Service Now Available at W Scottsdale (Leather Ladies Rejoice)

If you've always wondered what the difference is between SPF 5 and 15, which leg to bend to appear as though you really do have skinny thighs, or just when to turn onto your back after you've singed three triangles onto the front of your body, please welcome the Tanning Concierge.

The group of friendly poolside messengers were introduced this week at the W Scottsdale -- just in time for the high of 113 degrees.

Clad in W gear, the crew now delivers helpful sun-protection information that you probably won't consider and offer in-room spray tanning sessions for when you just have to have those extra three shades and a roomful of chemicals.

Sure, the Wall Street Journal called this cabana boy's gig the "Best Summer Job in NYC" and our friends at the Village Voice spotted a few around the Big Apple.

Truth is, that job is probably great in New York City; the weather's often overcast and it's probably humid as shit, but Mr. New York Tanning Concierge doesn't have to worry about providing oily goodies and ignored advice to people in the second highest spot for skin cancer in the world. 

Nah, he can still wear long white pants and pass out chemical-free without an ounce of guilt.

In the meantime, if our local guy knows anything about the sun and is spending his days poolside, he's busy hording the SPF 90, collecting phone numbers of bikini-clad leather ladies, and attempting to find a bigger hat.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.