TEDxScottsdale Opens with Focus on Urban Sustainability

This year's TEDxScottsdale, on April 21, includes presentations and ideas from local creatives including Yuri Artibise, Miguel Jardine, Tania Katan (who contributes to New Times), and Darren Petrucci, Director of the Design School at ASU in the Herberger Institute, that will focus on urban and social sustainability in Phoenix.

"If it's successful, it will be more of a neutral space where a variety of topics can be addressed about what to do with a city moving forward in the future that is likely for an American sprawled city," says organizer, Robert Diehl.

Diehl applied for a TED license in 2010 in the hopes that he could foster the conversation about what should happen next with what he calls "sprawl cities."

As an organizer, he will be responsible for directing the topics and speakers, and audience members. Those interested in attending are asked to fill out an application of sorts, which Diehl will sort through and select a number based on diversity and community representation.

But he encourages everyone to apply, and those who can't get into the 100-person audience will be invited to a webcast of the event.

"If they're interested in getting involved with their city, they should go. If they're interested in learning about how to get involved, they should go. In any of the many ways people can get involved. Writing letters, block parties, volunteering. If you want to get active, this will be a place to meet other people like you," says Diehl.

TEDxScottsdale is on Thursday, April 21 from 6 to 9:30 p.m. at ASU SkySong in South Scottsdale. It's free to attend.

Note: this post has been added to include all of the current TEDxScottsdale speakers.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.