Tempe Named One of America's Most Creative Mid-Size Cities

Finally, Tempe is getting recognized for being more than just the home base of sexy college coeds and birthday suit-sporting blondes.

The mid-size metro, with roughly 167,000 residents, performed, painted, and printed its way into Movoto's list of "The Most Creative Mid-Sized Cities in America."

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Movoto's real estate blog ranked Tempe in the top 10 after factoring in creative criteria such as the number of art supply stores, music instrument stores, bookstores, galleries, theaters, art schools, and colleges per capita.

The top 10 were ordered as follows:

1. Salt Lake City 2. Pasadena, California 3. Richmond, Virginia 4. Dayton, Ohio 5. Torrance, California 6. Fort Collins, Colorado 7. Columbia, South Carolina 8. Eugene, Oregon 9. Knoxville, Tennessee 10. Tempe

While Tempe was a far cry from the highly ranked Salt Lake City, it still reigned supreme over less artistic towns like Des Moines, Spokane, and the bottom finalist, Garden Grove, California.

For the full list, including including individual criteria rankings, visit the Movoto blog.

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