Tempe Starving Artist Going on Summer Hiatus

Editor Robbie Pfeffer says that he's taking a two-month break from publishing until August for a variety of issues. While he primarily wants to change up some of the content to include a greater variety of stories, Pfeffer's also hoping to increase Tempe Starving Artist's distribution, bring in some more contributors, find more advertisers, launch an expanded website for the publication, and focus on running more gigs and shows at his coffee house The Fixx.

"Also in Tempe it's really dead in the summer and I'm really burned out," Pfeffer says.

Tempe Starving Artist has put out issues every single month since launching in December 2009, including publishing over the summer last year. This time around, Pfeffer explains, he decided to take a break to "get things together."

So when the August issue hits the stands, he says, readers can expect plenty of changes.

Pfeffer's planning on recruiting some graphic designers to upgrade the layout, as well as more bringing in more writers to increase the number of band and artist interviews, show reviews, and coverage of different artistic endeavors.

Pfeffer also plans to have a special release party once they resume publishing in August (much like the two-night celebration starting tonight at The Fixx and continuing on Saturday night at Trunk Space).

"This will give us time to organize stuff so we're not just fighting the clock," he says. "It will also allow us to try a bunch of new things and expand our influence."

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