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Tempe's Bike Saviours Finds a New Home

Tempe cycling fans can take a big sigh of relief -- Bike Saviours has found a (fitting) home across the street from bicycle-friendly bar Boulders on Broadway at 1930 S Roosevelt St.

According to collective member (and Jackalope Ranch contributor) Heather Hoch, the Saviours haven't set an opening date but will move at the end of this month and open the doors as soon as possible.

"We're excited to have our very own space for the first time since we opened seven years ago," writes Hoch. "We have a lot of big ideas, and the move was just the kick in the butt we all needed to get things rolling in a serious way."

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The Tempe-based nonprofit bicycle collective was founded in 2007 and was notified this month that it would have to vacate its spot behind Sunset Clothing Exchange, 601 University Drive in Tempe.

Once the collective has settled into its new space, the hours will remain the same (Tuesday and Thursday from 6 to 9 p.m. and Sunday from 3 to 6 p.m. with hopes to expand) and workshops on building and repairing bikes will continue.

"We'll be focusing on streamlining our current services, including rebuilding our work benches and curating a more cohesive build-a-bike program, with a smaller, but more complete and higher-quality selection," writes Hoch.

The Bike Saviours signed a five-year lease in the new space, so if all goes as planned, they won't be going anywhere else until 2018.

The collective will host a moving party on March 30 and 31 with free beverages (and a whole lot of appreciation) for volunteers.

For more information and to help out with suggestions, check out the Bike Saviours website.

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