Terrible Real Estate Tumblr is Hilarious and Horrifying

Home ownership is a big step.

Made even bigger by the fact that you have to wade through an online shitpile of vague, misleading, and too often disappointing in-person pads before finding the right one.

But if there's one silver lining to your real estate woes, it's knowing that others are dealing with the same crap as you -- and they have the photos to prove it. 

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Terrible real estate agent photographs is a Tumblr dedicated to "inexplicably bad property photographs." These poorly staged (and too often unstaged) real estate listings depict all the features -- entries, skylights, chimneys, etc. -- through which common sense can completely fly out.

While we've come to expect such rookie mistakes as not tidying up before taking a picture of a newly listed condo, we've got to hand it to Terriblerealestateagentphotographs.tumblr.com for taking things one broken step further by offering perfectly captioned images of overturned furniture, residents in their underwear, rubble strewn gardens, and what appears to be a burglary.

Check out the Tumblr for yourself or better yet, submit an example of your own.

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