The 10 Best Comedy Podcasts Right Now

You might be planning a long road trip or maybe you've just exhausted all of your go-to bands on Spotify while sitting at your desk. Never fear -- the time to dive head first into the world of comedy podcasts is here. Whether they're talking about the biz, literature, movies, or whatever else the funny people in charge of these free online radio shows decide to discuss, you can be sure you'll have to stifle a few laughs, should you choose to listen to them at work.

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How Did This Get Made? The Talent: Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas, June Diane Raphael With a solid crew of comedians, this podcast picks apart and analyzes some of Hollywood's weirdest films. You might not even realize how bad some of these movies are until you listen to Scheer, Mantzoukas, and Raphael's takes on them. Although B-movies are easy pickings, this podcast ventures into blockbuster territory, too. Where to Start: Episode 65: Howard the Duck

Comedy Bang Bang The Talent: Scott Aukerman Before it was a weird talk show on IFC featuring Reggie Watts as the house band, it was a podcast. The TV show is great and everything, but listening to Aukerman and his celebrity guests riff on whatever subjects they feel like is where it all began (and continues). Plus, you'll recognize some of the content was so good that it was repurposed for the show. Where to Start: Episode 309: Tony Macaroni with Nick Kroll and Jimmy Pardo

Dead Authors The Talent: Paul F. Tompkins Tompkins invites guests on his show under the premise that he is H.G. Wells, has a time machine, and they are authors he brought to modern times. Some of the comedians on the show have a better understanding of the author they're portraying than others, but, regardless, the results are pretty ridiculous. Seeing as how Tompkins and his guests all dress up in costume, we can't believe it isn't filmed. . . yet. Where to Start: Chapter 13: The Brothers Grimm with Jeremy Carter and Matt Gourley

The X-Files Files The Talent: Kumail Nanjiani Nanjiani is a podcast darling, both being a frequent guest and having a few of his own. While his Indoor Kids podcast with his wife Emily V. Gordon is probably more well known, we can't help but be drawn into this X-Files-themed podcast. His mission is to discuss every episode of the show, and we'll happily listen as he does. Where to Start: Episode 18: S:2::EP:9,10,11 "Firewalker" "Red Museum" "Excelsis Dei" with Emily Gordon and Interview with Kevin Smith

Topics The Talent: Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter Michael and Michael can pretty much do anything at this point and we'd listen to it. Although the show doesn't have a very clear mission, it does discuss, very loosely, what it means to be human. With guests like Steve Agee, David Wain, and Paul Rudd, the comedic duo brings in lots of funny people to help them explore topics, whatever they may be. Where to Start: Episode 38: Subconscious Live with David Wain

Guys We Fucked The Talent: Krystyna Hutchinson, Corinne Fisher This New York based podcast is built on a pretty simple concept: calling the men that they've slept with and having a conversation with them about the experience. If that's not a recipe for awkward hilarity, nothing really is. Tagged as an "anti slut shaming podcast," we enjoy the candid sexual discussion from these two funny women. Where to Start: DO YOU HAVE SEX TO FILL A VOID?

WTF The Talent: Marc Maron Truth be told, WTF isn't always funny. However, Maron's blend of self-deprecation and narcissism is what drives the show. Mostly, it gives interesting insight into the world of comedy behind the scenes. Plus, it's just interesting to see who Maron has beef with and why. Where to Start: Episode 238: Michael Ian Black

The Champs The Talent: Neal Brennan, Moshe Kasher On their own, Neal Brennan and Moshe Kasher are a couple of funny dudes. Add in guests ranging from musicians like Russell Simmons to comedians like Jay Pharaoh and Jordan Peele and you never really know what you're going to get, but it will probably make you laugh. Where to Start: Episode 68: Ron Funches

You Had to Be There The Talent: Sara Schaefer, Nikki Glaser Based out of Schaefer's apartment, the two women invite musicians and other guests, along with an intimate audience, in to chat. The conversations that ensue usually lean toward the raunchy and hilarious. We love this podcast because it's just a great example of funny women being funny consistently. Where to Start: Episode 15: Kristen Schaal

Welcome to Night Vale The Talent: Cecil Baldwin Think of this podcast like a funny version of The Twilight Zone. Made in the style of an old radio serial, you follow the strange goings on in the town of Night Vale. From goofy ads to phony news bulletins, this show is one you should start listening to from the beginning because the jokes build on each other. Where to Start: Episode 1: Pilot

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