The 10 Best Things I Saw in Metro Phoenix in 2013

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"Generations: Inspiration of Bird City" at Willo North Gallery Though Joseph "Sentrock" Perez left Phoenix for Chicago in the summer of 2012, the artist whose style is rooted in street art returned to his hometown for a group exhibition at Willo North Gallery in August 2013. "Generations: Inspiration of Bird City" showcased three generations of Phoenix street artists through Martin Moreno, Luis Gutierrez, and Perez. Pulling their works together made for a colorful, thoughtful show that traced the impact and influence these artists have had on one another. And the backstory between Moreno, the elder statesman of the crew, and Perez, the youngest, is nothing short of inspiring: Moreno came to Perez's elementary school to create a mural, and that first experience with art propelled him to become a painter.

Phoenix Comicon 2013 In a word, Phoenix Comicon 2013 was overwhelming. There's so much to do and way too much to see, and, honestly, it's kind of a panic attack waiting to happen. But, no matter, more than 55,000 nerds turned up this year to catch celebs including John Barrowman, Wil Wheaton, and Jewel Staite. The costumes were, as always, awe-inducing creative works worthy of marvel (heh). The best part of Comicon is discovering other people who share your pop culture obsessions. That is why, though there were more technical and spot-on cosplayers, my favorite Comiconner was a woman carrying a martini glass and wearing a banana suit with blue handprints across it and a sign that read, "I Need a Favor." Arrested Development fans, c'mon!

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