The 10 Best Things I Saw in Metro Phoenix in 2013

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"Diving Lady" Relighting in Mesa Calling her "The Diving Lady" is a misnomer, as the famed neon sign at the Starlite Motel in Mesa actually is composed of three 10-foot women. When illuminated, it looks as though one woman's diving into a pool. But the famed lady, erected in 1960 to advertise the hotels' swimming pool (which is no more), halted her jumps when she was struck by lightning in 2010. It wasn't until April 2013 that she was reconstructed and relit, much to the oohs and aahs of preservationists and vintage lovers alike.

The Most of Lit Lounge A little rock 'n' roll and a little This American Life is how emcee Tania Katan describes her ongoing storytelling series Lit Lounge. For the program's one-year anniversary, Katan gave her audience The Most of Lit Lounge, "because we're already the best." Scribes and funny folks took to Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts stage to talk about camping bathroom anxiety, juggling and joking on The Gong Show, and enduring a nauseating lesbian cruise, complete with a trio of musical guests. I laughed. I cried. I went to Lit Lounge.

"Modern Spirit" at Phoenix Art Museum Phoenix Art Museum fashion curator Dennita Sewell outdid herself with the exhibition "Modern Spirit: Fashion of the 1920s." Featuring wearables beyond the obvious selections of fringed frocks and opulent accessories, the show revealed everything a woman would wear from innovative undergarments (no corsets here) to daytime pleated dresses and Asian-influenced evening gowns. Of course, the unmistakably '20s dresses by Coco Chanel, the innovative designer largely responsible for women's Jazz Age dress, perfectly encapsulated the era.

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