The 10 Funniest Tumblrs Across the Web (Right Now)

Oh, Tumblr, you do so much for us. You make us laugh, you make us smile, and most importantly you get us through the work day. Honestly, procrastination just wouldn't be the same without you, which is why we're giving a shout-out to the 10 funniest Tumblrs right now (because let's face it, the Tumblr lifespan is a short one).

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10. Cholafied

Ever wondered what Steve Urkel might look like with penciled eyebrows and lip liner? What about Clint Eastwood? No? Doesn't matter. This Tumblr is a beautiful Photoshop train wreck that you just can't look away from -- hilarious images of chola-fied celebrities and a couple that are just downright terrifying.

9. Kanye Wes Anderson

Kanye West lyrics meet Wes Anderson film stills and what started out as the most ridiculous concept you've ever heard of begins to make perfect sense. Get ready to see your favorite indie director and least favorite musical artist in a whole new light.

8. Depressed Copywriter

One of the most creative Debby Downers we've come across, the Depressed Copywriter turns the shallow promises, superficial joys, and inspirational quotes of advertising into humorous messages of hate, loneliness, and, occasionally, paranoia.

7. Emceez Ansari

"Comedy bad boy Aziz Ansari, a.k.a. comedy heartthrob Aziz Ansari," just a got even funnier -- unintentionally. On emceezansari, you can scroll through images of the young comedian photoshopped into the covers of hip-hop artists such as R. Kelly, 2Pac, and even Nicki Minaj. It's the perfect comedic warmup to his upcoming show at Comerica Theater on May 5.

6. Pictures of Hipsters Taking Pictures of Food

We all know someone who does this -- in truth, we're probably guilty ourselves. But that doesn't stop us from scrolling through this site and laughing at the serious photo foodies arraigning themselves and their table to stage the perfect Instagram shot. Look closely enough and you can even spot a judgmental photobomb. Ah, hipsters.

5. Celebrity Close Ups

Having a bad day? Just noticed a freshly surfaced pimple? Then check out Celebrity Close Ups where you learn that celebrities aren't just like us -- they're much, much worse. Explore the gaping pores, pock marks, and cosmetic malfunctions that make the most enviable faces in Hollywood a little less so. Just be careful -- while some of these images may lend you a much needed boost of self-esteem, others will ensure you never sleep soundly again.

4. #Myfriendsaremarried

All my single ladies, put your gifs up. Whether they're scenes from Bridesmaids, Keeping uUp with the Kardashians, or SNL, this Tumblr captures the moments of those who are so over matrimonial bliss. Bring on the eye-rolling, champagne, and one-night stands.

3. Menswear Dog

You think you dress sharply? Wait till you see Menswear Dog. This canine carries more class than the entire cast of Mad Men. Incidentally Menswear Dog also does a stunning portrayal of Don Draper -- if Don Draper was an adorable Shiba Inu. Hence forth, let it be known that looking like a dog can now be taken as a compliment.

2. Starbucks Spelling

Whether your name is Sue or Saphrina, chances are you've had your name butchered at one point or another by a Starbucks barista. Look, we know that not all Starbucks employees are expected to be spelling bee champs, but we can't help taking pleasure in the chicken scratch coffee cups for "A-me' (Amy) and "Player" (Blair).

1. News Cat Gifs

And since no tumblr list would be complete without something about cats, we present News Cats. This tumblr takes you through the motions of modern journalism with, what else, feline gifs -- everything from "when I finally get the story I want and then it falls through" to "when someone leaves candy in the newsroom." Not your beat? Then might we suggest Neruda Cats (Pablo Neruda poems as portrayed by cats) or POYi Cats (2013 Pictures of the Year International contest hijacked by cats).

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