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The 30 Best Places for Vintage Shopping in Phoenix: Best of Phoenix 2012

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Best Annual Parking Lot Sale of Vintage Goods: Antique Gatherings

What we wanted more than anything was a pair of gigantic vintage Drexel china cupboards to cram all of our dishes into. Alas, everyplace we saw them (they're pretty common but still very lovely), there was only one and it was way too expensive. Then we headed over to Antique Gatherings for its semi-annual Spring Parking Lot Sale, because we always find something there that makes us want to scream with joy. And there they were: two big Drexel cupboards with teeny tiny price tags on them. Read the full Best of Phoenix 2012 story.

Best Thrift Store for Vintage Dishware: Flo's on 7th

The best thing about our new set of Brockware Chanticleer dishware is that we got it for next to nothing, because we shop at Flo's. The buyers there seem to know what they have -- often, dishes and serving pieces will be tagged with the set's current eBay value -- but they're not doing that weird thing where they lock it all up in a case and over-price it. Read the full Best of Phoenix 2012 story.

Best Thrift Store for Big, Ugly Lamps: Goodwill

There was this corner in our home that needed nothing so much as a big, ugly table lamp. Off we headed to the Goodwill at 32nd Street and Thomas, because we'd seen a colossal monster of a lamp there not long before. Read the full Best of Phoenix 2012 story.

Best Vintage Lighting Fixtures: Stuff Antiques

Staring at the ceiling is a good idea at Stuff Antiques, a place that's really all about the best in period lighting. Joe, the owner, clearly is obsessed with fine examples of exceptional period lamps and light fixtures; his place is filled to the rafters with stunning examples of Victorian, Arts and Crafts, Art Deco, and Midcentury Modern pieces. Read the full Best of Phoenix story.

Best Thrift Store for Small Appliances: Savers

We wanted an electric can opener but didn't want to pay full price; we knew we'd be using it only to open the occasional can of dog food. And so we headed straight to the Bell Road Savers in Peoria, because we knew they have practically an entire department devoted to small appliances. Read the full Best of Phoenix 2012 story.

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