The Best (and Worst) Super Bowl Commercials of 2013

Last night's game was full of drama. It was the first Super Bowl at the New Orleans' Superdome since Hurricane Katrina. It was the first time in Super Bowl history that a pair of brothers were the coaches going against each other. It was also the first time that Destiny's Child was reuniting since Beyonce ditched the other girls for a brighter future.

Baltimore started the first half pummeling San Francisco so hard that you had to feel bad for the 49ers, and also question how they made it to the biggest game of the year in the first place. Then suddenly in the third quarter the Superdome lost all power, and the game went dark. When the power came back over half an hour later, the momentum had shifted in the 49ers favor, and just like that we actually had a game.

It's no spoiler alert that the Ravens eventually won in the end, or that Beyonce rocked with her half-time performance, but what about the commercials? You know, the event we all really watch the Super Bowl for.

Here's our list of the best five (and a few duds):

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Darryle Royal
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