The (Bottled) Scent of November

The (Bottled) Scent of November

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Christopher Brosius doesn't like a few things about his industry; it's loud, it's glamorized, and perhaps more than a lot of things -- it smells. 

 Brosius, who owns a perfume store in New York called CB I Hate Perfume, has made a name for himself creating quirky and oddly specific smells, including "Mitten," "Burning Leaves," and "In the Library." This year, he set out on a mission to create an invisible smell

But for the last few days of the month (and we won't tell if you continue using it through next), the perfumer created a scent for the month of November

The perfume, available in two sizes, has hints of pumpkin pie, fallen apples, bonfire, wood smoke, dried grass, fallen leaves, wet branches, damp moss, chanterelle mushrooms and a hint of pine forest. 

Brosius writes the scent was inspired by a book by Tove Jansson: 

The story concerns a group of people who come together unexpectedly one November at a small house in a valley beside the sea. They come with fond memories of summer days spent on the shore, sitting quietly amid blooming flowers and, most especially, they remember the kindness of those who lived there. They come seeking comfort and solace from the family whose house this is. But the family has gone away and now the house is abandoned, dark and musty. Now in November the valley is filled with rain, chilled air and the scent of decay ... 

For decades November depressed me. As the year died away, I too longed for warm green grass, long summer evenings spent with friends outdoors and the sight of fireflies twinkling in the woods. the days became shorter and colder and i would become more and more gloomy.  This feeling would never really leave me until the first snow fell. Sometimes that was a long wait... 

But I have learned to embrace November and find comfort in the beauty of decay. I have come to realize the warmth I long for is still there - but it has taken other forms and it has changed just as I have. Change is inevitable and although I am still sometimes sad as the fall deepens, I know there is much to look forward to. The coming snow will being the warmth of family and friends.

November is available online. Discover more scents and read more about Brosius on his website.  

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