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The Cabin in the Woods Chases Horror Conventions Down a Dark Alley and Stabs Them

You have to hand it to the marketing team behind The Cabin in the Woods.

No movie has had such a successful hush-hush campaign since 1992's The Crying Game, when critics went so far as to eschew protocol in taking out all gender-specific pronouns (and leaving us to discover on our own why star Jaye Davidson had a jawline like Milli Vanilli). But then, no movie has needed such reverence for its many, layered reveals as this masterful death knell for the horror genre. As co-writer and first-time director Drew Goddard will attest, speaking in a post-screening Q&A in Tempe earlier this month: This is a very difficult film to talk about with people who haven't seen it.

Goddard, who wrote the shaky-cam Godzilla homage Cloverfield (as well as episodes of Lost, Alias, and Buffy), co-wrote the script for The Cabin in the Woods with sci-fi icon Joss Whedon. Specifically, they locked themselves in a hotel room for three days until it was done.

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Amanda Kehrberg
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