The Color of Stars Enthralls Adults and Children Alike

The Color of Stars at Tempe Center for the Arts doesn't shy away from adult themes.

The play, by Tempe Children's Theatre playwright in residence Dwayne Hartford, is set in rural America during World War II. Acting, directing, and set design all combine to create a beautiful production, writes New Times theater critic Robrt L Pela.

Here's an excerpt from Pela's review:

... A playhouse full of kids and adults sat rapt for Hartford's story about a 10-year-old boy who goes to live with his grandparents while his father serves in the Pacific and his mother goes to work in a shipyard. Also staying at Grandpa's farm is Felix, a government agent who's in town to scout out red oak trees, needed to build Navy minesweepers. Felix, a German-American, and Eddie become friends, but the townsfolk remain suspicious of this outsider, who may be looking for more than oak trees.

Read Robrt L. Pela's full review of The Color of Stars.

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