The Cruzberry at The Vig Arcadia

Since there's really no better accessory than a cocktail in your hand, each week brings you a tasty adult beverage from one of our favorite drinking establishments, complete with recipe. This Week: The Cruzberry at The Vig Arcadia.

The Vig is known as an Arcadia Neighborhood staple for mingling and running into at least one person we know. But whether we're dressed to the nines or in our work out gear, there's something about this place that makes us feel comfortable. 

From their killer patio digs that hub trendy weekly resident DJs to their daily discounted drink specials and bocceball court, The Vig appeals to just about anyone looking for a cool environment to socialize with friends and sip our favorite cocktail.  

The Cruzberry is the newest addition to their "Vignature" drink menu. Using tequila and fresh lime juice, the newbie has the basics of a margarita, but the muddled blueberries and basil, give it a unique twist that any hot weather hottie will adore.


1 ½

oz. Cruz Silver Tequila
1 oz. fresh lime juice

oz. agave nectar
1 oz. water
1 sprig of basil
5 ripe blueberries

In a shaker, muddle lime, blueberries and agave nectar. Add Cruz, water and basil. Add in ice and shake "Vig"orously. Pour contents into salted rim low ball glass and garnish with a lime wedge.

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