The Cuddle Mattress Brings Couples Together

Being intimate with another person can be difficult. There's the emotional barriers, the trust issues, and, of course, the charlie horses. Because cuddling is apparently a prime culprit of the nonfatal but potentially discomforting dead-arm syndrome, a new prototype has been developed to put the cushion back into your comfort zone.

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The Cuddle Mattress, a.k.a the Love Mattress, is a an innovative style of sleep cushioning created by designer, Mehdi Mojtabavi. The mattress sets itself apart from standard beds by offering a large foam block located in the center of the structure and numerous slits on top for arms to slip into comfortably while another body is lying on top of them.

No longer plagued with the numbing sensation that follows extended periods of cuddling, couples can essentially embrace, spoon, or dog-pile to their hearts' content. Although the Cuddle Mattress has already won the 2007 Red Dot award and was a top contender in the 2008 Industrial Designers Society of America awards according to PSFK.com, designer Mojtabavi is still looking for investors to make his mattress dream a reality.

Once he does, couples will finally be able to wave goodbye to the chronic pain in their relationships.

Physically, anyway.

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