The Dos and Don'ts of Eyelash Extensions

Gigi Arredondo has been working in the industry for nearly a decade as a hair stylist, makeup artist, and beauty consultant in Old Town Scottsdale. She's constantly learning, trend-hunting, and shopping -- all with access to beauty products not available to the public. And she's here to share the good, the bad, and the ugly. Up today: eyelash extensions.

I was turned onto lash extensions to enhance my natural eye and fell in love. It took a while to get used to the care and maintenance, but after a few months, I am totally addicted. I am not into the whole "cake my makeup on" deal, so having the lashes means I don't have too much to do in the morning to get ready except a little powder and lipgloss.

Here are some dos and don'ts for you lash virgins . . .

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Don't: Get them wet or go into a steamy room for the first 48 hours to allow the adhesive to fully bond.

Do: Use a blow dryer on a low warm setting and blow-dry your lashes upwards if you do get them wet.

Don't: Use an oil-based makeup remover. (The oil will break down and dissolve the adhesive causing the lashes to fall off.)

Do: Use oil-free makeup, removing wipes to remove eye makeup.

Don't: Pull out an outgrown lash! Trying to pull the extension off can cause your natural lash to come out resulting gaps or spaces.

Do: Use a clean mascara wand to brush your lashes upward, and let the natural lash cycle shed, as it normally would every four to six weeks.

Don't: Let your lash specialist use "cluster lashes" (a knot of lashes), because they can place a lot of stress on your natural lash and resemble clumpy mascara.

Do: Let your lash specialist bond one individual lash extensions to one of your own natural lashes. This will give you the most natural look and help to maintain the integrity of your own lashes.

Don't: Go to just any lash salon!

Do: Get a recommendation and make sure they are certified. Most likely you will know someone who has their lashes done, and if you couldn't tell your friends had them, that's a good thing.

We have all gone to those chop shops for our nails, and probably had an Angela Johnson experience at one time or another, but having a crooked nail is not as traumatic as possible having all of your eyelashes bonded together! Eyelash extensions can be flirty, fun and sexy but having the wrong technician can really mess up the whole "eyes are the window to your soul" thing, especially if you are giving the "I have spiders hanging from my eyes, please smack them off!" look. Choose wisely, friends!

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Gigi Arredondo