The Fair Necessities

The Arizona Exposition & State Fair is 123 years old. That's older than all the standing structures in Phoenix combined -- plus all living Arizona natives. But you've gotta love the hoary old dame 'cause, among other things, the fair is one of those signature events marking the end of summer, which always feels 123 years long. Unless you're some sort of effete art snob, the fair is actually pretty fun. Where else can you buy a lot of crap and learn a bunch of semi-useful junk and eat SPAMBURGERS from the SPAMMOBILE and see "Weird Al" Yankovic for free? And pay, like, a month's salary to do it? It's the corn-fed bomb, baby. First-week highlights of the fair include:

* The All-Indian Rodeo on October 12 and 13

* "Weird Al" on October 16

* The first Unlimited Ride Wristband Day on October 16

* The first $1 Ride Wednesday on October 17

Oct. 12-Nov. 4, 2007
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Clay McNear
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