The Five Best Fireworks Shows in the World

What are your plans this July 4? If you're like us, you'll stay the hell inside and maybe catch a replay of the fireworks show on Channel 5 or something.

We know, we know -- not as exciting. So in case you're a lover of the patriotic spectacle, but can't wait for Independence Day to get your fix, we made a list of the world's best fireworks shows.

You could also be that neighbor who blasts firecrackers in his front yard at 1 a.m., but hey, at least this won't get you fined.

5. Sydney, Australia's 2012 New Year's Fireworks

More than one million Aussies watch the show from Darling Harbor each year, and one billion people tune in from the comforts of their televisions.

4. Burj Khalifa's Opening Day in Dubai

Burj Khalifa is the world's tallest man-made structure. They honestly could've shot just one firecracker in honor of its 2010 opening, and it still would've been historic.

3. China's Fake Footprint Fireworks at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Remember the fireworks in the shape of footprints that walked to the stadium? A local Beijing paper discovered those 50 or so seconds of television were aided by CGI technology. The effect was still breathtaking, right?

2. Portugal's Guinness World Record-holding New Year's Show

On December 31, 2006, Funchal, Portugal claimed the title for largest fireworks display in the world. They've kept the title ever since.

1. Thunder Over Louisville

Did you really think we wouldn't put the home of the brave as number 1? Louisville, Kentucky kicks off the annual Kentucky Derby Festival with a pyrotechnic masterpiece. It's considered the largest fireworks show in North America.

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