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The Five Best Moments from The 2013 Oscars

Sunday night's Oscars possibly was one of the best in recent times. There were a few what-were-you-thinking dresses (see Jane Fonda, Anne Hathaway, Norah Jones), and Seth MacFarlane managed to offend many, as to be expected. But aside from a few nomination snubs, there weren't any real award snubs or shockers, and the Oscars were fairly evenly distributed.

Aside from Ang Lee's Life of Pi winning four awards, there weren't more than three awards given to an individual or film. Unless a film is truly spectacular, it's nice when there isn't a runaway that hogs all the awards. There were many great moments, from Adele's dazzling performance of her Oscar-winning song "Skyfall" to Kristen Chenoweth's appearance with MacFarlane to close out the show with a musical performance.

Here are our favorite top five moments at the 2013 Academy Awards:

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