The Five Worst Baby Shower Trends Found on Pinterest

There's nothing harder than having a baby -- hours of labor (with or without pain killers) surrounded by your closest friends/family with all sorts of camera lenses, all while attempting to push a decent sized bowling ball out of your, um, system.

We get it. You, pregnant, childbearing friend, are a warrior.

And now we have to throw you a party.

There are the obvious pitfalls of any baby shower -- the diaper cake, the awkward games played by all sorts of inappropriate college friends and mother-in-laws. But there are a few new ones that have caught our eyes on the eye-candy, coma-inducing, bookmarking machine we call Pinterest. Here are just five ...

5. She's about to Pop(corn)
The last image anyone wants as you're uber pregnant is you being uber pregnant with any kind of edible. Let's pass on the popcorn and skip to the preggatinis.

4. Wishes for Baby
The mason jar is getting a little aggressive. Not only has it taken over traditional food vessels, terrarium containers, outdoor lighting fixtures, fish tanks, and hipster coffee mugs, it now wants to hold everyone's wishes for your baby. This is an issue for two reasons:

- You're inviting "wishes" (read: parenting advice) from your friends and family. That's going to
get old fast.

- Mason jars are also great containers for vomit when things get a little to cheesy. Yum.

3. Baby Bottle Mustache Rings
Mustaches. So original.

2. Overdoing it
Inviting all of the closest (and richest) friends over for any baby shower is a must.

After all, you never know who's going to buy the mom-to-be a bejeweled jogging stroller.

But if the baby shower starts to upstage the wedding and there's more than one plate per setting on the table, chances are you're in too deep.


1. Using the words "Impending Bundle of Awesomeness"

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