The Five Worst Garden Decorating Trends Found on Pinterest

With gardening season getting into full swing, Pinterest has exploded with ideas on how to personalize your very own modern provincial urban organic Tuscan-inspired garden (oof). Pinners seem to the think the best way to achieve this is to fill the garden with extraneous weird shit under the guise of decorating.

You know what looks nice in a garden? Plants. Let's try to stick with that in the future. In the meantime, here's a list of some of the worst trends we've seen this season.

"Sculptures" Pieces of scrap metal you found in the alleyway are not sculptures, and unless that bath tub is functional, we really have no idea what it's doing in your garden.

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DIY Containers We get that you want to make your garden "unique" and that gardening is "how you express yourself" (actually we don't really get that, either), but some of these ideas aren't even functional. Your plant is gonna become root-bound and die. So creative! Stick with the classic terracotta pot unless you really know what you're doing.

Fairies Unless you're six years old or living in the 1600s, it might be time to put this obsession to rest. A bed of flowers is not a "fairy playground!" It's a bed of flowers.

Wine Bottles Everywhere Drinking 20 bottles of Two Buck Chuck to provide material for your outdoor wine-themed garden décor is not classy. And the resulting bottle art isn't classy, either. Let's lay this one to rest and start putting the wine bottles where they belong: in the recycling bin.

Shoe Birdhouses These poor, poor birds.

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