The Five Worst Halloween Party Fouls

​Halloween house parties can be very memorable affairs. It's safe to say, however, that you'd probably like to be remembered for having a killer costume instead of being the dolt who spoiled the affair after puking in the closet or wearing an offensive outfit.

Since it's likely you'll be heading to a private costume party or a backyard soiree at a friend's house sometime in the next week, we've assembled a list of guidelines to follow and faux pas to avoid in order to ensure a good time.

Read on for a few of our personal do's and dont's for Halloween parties.

5. Going without a costume:
We understand that it can be a major struggle to come up with an original costume each Halloween. But whatever you do, don't ditch your outfit altogether and go as yourself (unless you're really going as yourself). Not only is it lame, but it also makes it look like you're trying to be above the whole Halloween thing. In a pinch, you can always wear the same costume from a few years back or raid your closet to piece together something last minute.

4. Wearing an absolutely tasteless, offensive, or overly slutty costume:
Your idea of dressing as a bloody tampon (believe us, we've seen people do it) or in blackface might seem especially humorous beforehand, but it might shock the hell out of those in attendance. Come up with something clever and funny, but don't go too over the top. Unless its a fetish event or you're certain that the partygoers or hosts aren't the sort who'd care, a avoid anything racially and culturally insensitive, or that's truly beyond the realm of good taste. Also, showing way too much skin (or even your naughty bits) might be too much for either sex.

3. Wearing too much body glitter:
While this sparkly substance might make your fairy or Lady Gaga look magical, it tends to rub off, get everywhere, and can be a pain in the ass to clean up. Plus, everyone will know whose pixie dust ended up by the pile 'o' puke on the patio. Nice.

2. Getting too much into character:
This is a Halloween Party, not a method acting class. Even if you're dressed as Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver, don't try to pull a Robert De Niro and attempt to stay in character the entire evening. Same goes for anyone dressed as Jason Voorhees or any other slasher flick villain who tries to scare or stalk other partygoers.

1. Upstaging or dissing the hosts:
In all likelihood, the folks who put on the scary shindig you're attending spent a lot of time and effort into both planning the party and creating their costumes. Hence, refrain speaking ill of anything that might be amiss or out of place at the affair. It's also wise to make sure you aren't wearing the same costume as those putting on the party. No one likes a copycat -- especially when it's one dressed up like a huge-ass yellow sponge.

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