The Five Worst Summer Fashion Trends of 2013

Sadder than a bangs-less Zooey Deschanel, here are the five worst fashion trends you'll see this summer.

Overalls & Shortalls Blossom Russo and Dorothy Jane Torkelson are allowed to be your fashion icons only if you are younger than 14 and the year is 1992. Got it?

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Side-butt Giving new meaning to the phrase "piece of ass," here's the only thing that's managed to out-awful sideboob. (Seriously, though. Look at Ke$ha's side-butt.)

Leather Speaking of butts, apparently their sweaty cracks are on-trend this season.

Lace Shorts If you're going to wear lace shorts, you might as well save the money and start being one of those people who wears swimsuits as clothing.

Power Clashing We know there's a whole Roaring '20s thing happening now, but we're pretty sure the Zelda-Fitzgerald-off-her-meds look isn't working for anyone.

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