The Great Love Debate Is Coming to Phoenix

In the words of the immortal holy one known as Beyoncé, “All the single ladies (all the single ladies)” and all the single men in Metro Phoenix, you now have something you can (and should) do on Wednesday, July 15. The Great Love Debate is coming to the Phoenix Theatre.

Why should you go? Well, for one thing, it’s on a Wednesday, so it’s not like you have anything better to do. For another reason, it should be fun, educational, and filled with many other Valley singles of all ages and backgrounds.

“People should go because they’ll learn things about themselves that they didn’t recognize before,” says Brian Howie, producer and host of the Great Love Debate. “Women tend to go together, while men tend to go alone, but you’re going to something where you know everyone in the room is going to be single, including me. It’s not like a bar where you have to wonder. A lot of great men and great women come to these shows. The more you participate, the better it’ll be, and the more people will notice you. It’s hilarious, too. You’ll learn something, and you’ll most likely leave with at least a couple numbers.”

In case it wasn’t clear, this isn’t your standard “dating advice” lecture where some old experts sit in armchairs on the stage and preach to you about how they dated people several decades ago. It’s a lot more interactive than that, and the handful of panelists come from all different backgrounds.

“This is the 86th show of the tour, and we were in Scottsdale last year, so we’re not strangers to the area,” Howie says. “It’s a town hall-style debate where we’re trying to figure out why all of these seemingly great people are either still single or single again and struggling to find someone. It gets pretty crazy sometimes, but we’re giving everyone the hope and tools they can use in the future. We get all ages coming to these things, from people in their early 20s to their 80s.”

Obviously, with as big of a production as it is, Howie has seen more than his fair share of debates and lessons learned. What’s one of the most common trends he sees? Well, it’s something that pretty much every interaction of every single day boils down to.

“There’s been a rise in the unapproachability of people,” Howie says. “People are more comfortable hiding behind their Facebook page or Tinder or Match account than they are going up and talking to someone. Everyone is within 10 yards of dozens of people each day that they could have a spark with. It’s about looking up from your phone and recognizing opportunities as they present themselves.”

You want more advice or just to hash out your dating problems and meet some other singles looking to work on themselves? You know where to go.

The Great Love Debate is at the Phoenix Theatre on July 15 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets cost $40 (plus fees), must be purchased in advance, and are available through Eventbrite.

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