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The Green Hornet: Why Heroes Need Sidekicks

Besides doing fun relationship stuff like arguing about how to discipline our dog, New Times blogger Tyler Hughes and his girlfriend, Jackie Cronin, go to the movies.

Tyler: I just want to start this off by saying that the only thing I knew about The Green Hornet, besides it's trailers, was the the theme song was also in Kill Bill.

Really? You've never seen the old TV show? Kato flipping around and kicking ass ... Actually, that's all I remember.

Tyler: Oh, well that sounds a lot like what we just saw. Kato flipping around and kicking ass. That guy was awesome. He could do crazy Matrix martial arts, build awesome cars, and apparently make the best coffee in Los Angeles. Jay Chou did a pretty good job playing opposite fast-talking Seth Rogen, who was really the focus of the show. Although, I found myself rooting for Kato more than once.

Jackie: Yeah, I liked how they played up the differences between Kato, who could do everything and Seth Rogen, who could really do (almost) nothing. Their fight scene was pretty hilarious, but I don't get how Kato, who The Green Hornet calls a "human swiss army knife," can be a total bad ass and not be able to swim.

Tyler: Yeah, I thought the same thing. But his "Kato vision" was pretty cool. The first time we see it is pretty awesome as he jumped around and everything else moved in slow motion. It's like if The Matrix and 300 had a kid, it would be. I also like the nod to Bruce Lee with the one inch punch scene.

Jackie: I also thought the whole "posing as bad guys but doing hero things," literally taking over L.A.'s criminal organizations, was a pretty good twist on the typical super hero movie. The plot was pretty good, even if it was a bit slow in the beginning.

Yeah, but once it got up to speed it was went pretty much nonstop till the end. This film was definitely more action packed than I thought going in. The car chase scenes were pretty good if a bit comic-bookish.

Jackie: Yeah, scene with the Black Beauty was awesome. That car is way cooler than any Bond car I've ever seen, particularly that one that could turn invisible. Really? Come on.

Tyler: Yeah, the Black Beauty is way cooler. I thought that Christoph Waltz was just alright as the bad guy, though. His whole thing about whether or not he was "scary" was interesting, but he just wasn't as scary as his character in Inglorious Basterds.

Jackie: Yeah, his performance was pretty good, but I just think it might have been a miscast.The James Franco cameo though was totally hilarious. That opening conversation was pretty much perfect. Cameron Diaz was alright, she was just kind of... there.

Tyler: I almost forgot she was in this movie until she showed up on screen.

Jackie: The movie was pretty good. It's like getting a summer action flick without the one hundred and ten degree temperatures. Going to a midnight showing was pretty cool too, the crowd was really in to it, so that was fun.

Tyler: Yeah, midnight showings are usually pretty fun when they're full of college people before school starts. All except for that guy with the laser pointer.

Oh yeah, that was lame. Seriously, didn't he have anything better to do?

Tyler: Well, he was at a midnight showing.

Good point.

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