The Hosts of Christmas Past

Thanks to The Cable Guy, the public’s idea of a medieval feast involves gnawing greasy turkey legs and using the gross leftover skin to do your best Hannibal Lecter impression.

Rest assured such etiquette won’t be allowed at the Arts Council of the North Valley’s Renaissance Yuletide Feaste at Anthem Golf and Country Club. “The concept is fun and informal but this castle does furnish forks,” quips event founder Arlyn Brewster.

Guests will partake in a five-course repast while enjoying live entertainment from troubadours, dancers, and the Royal Renaissance Singers, a choir of local performers dressed in gorgeous period costumes to rival The Tudors.

The king and queen, played this year by Hans and Jacqueline Roersma, will be present to read the rules of etiquette and issue proclamations such as “off with their heads!” (Note: While the executioner was a concern during Henry VIII’s time, no actual heads will roll at this feast.)

Sat., Dec. 17; Sun., Dec. 18, 2011
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Wynter Holden
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