The House of the Spirits Is a Praiseworthy Production

The House of the Spirits, now at ASU's Galvin Playhouse is based on Isabel Allende's bestselling, first novel, and is a "splendid production" writes New Times contributor Robrt Pela, in this week's stage review. Pela writes: 

On a single glorious set that fluidly shifts locations and time, a triumvirate of stunning leads read that dialogue with brilliant clarity. As Clara, Julie Rada ages from a girl to a granny with a simple grace uncommon in a young actor. 

Marcelino Quiñonez wisely resists hamming up Esteban Trueba's more emotional scenes or playing his villainy too darkly, and the result is a performance that allows us to care about this frankly unpleasant man. And Sabrina S. Scott gives a wonderfully unsettling performance as Ferula, Esteban's feral sister. 

Her modulated performance -- particularly in scenes where she's seen seducing her sister-in-law -- brings new dramatic weight to the play.

Read the full review of The House of the Spirits from this week's print edition. 

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