The Julietta at NoRTH

Fox Restaurant Concepts have whipped up a fresh batch of cocktails at their newest location of NoRTH Arcadia. Deviating slightly in menu and manner, NoRTH Fattoria Italiana offers a more rustic, industrial ambiance, making this week's featured cocktail, the Julietta, seem a bit juxtaposed.

This feminine concoction is a flavorful bouquet of elderflower liqueur, ginger, and vanilla (courtesy of their house-infused vodka). The whole arrangement is poured into a champagne goblet, topped with Prosecco, and adorned with a single pink orchid.

Despite its girlish figure, this cocktail can hold its own. The effervescence of the sparkling wine is the perfect touch to bring the complementary floral ingredients to life. And for those of you curious to try it but too self-conscious to order it in public, we've got the recipe for you right here.

Ingredients ½ oz. lime juice ½ oz. simple syrup ½ oz. St. Germaine elderflower liqueur 1 ½ oz. Vodka infused with ginger and vanilla Enough Prosecco to fill the glass.

Method: 1. Combine lime juice, simple syrup, St. Germaine liqueur, and flavor infused vodka, into a shaker with ice. 2. Shake well, then pour into a champagne goblet and finish with Prosseco. 3. ...Go ahead and top it off an orchid. We won't tell.

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