The Lowdown on True Blood Season 4

There's something alluring about blood, violence and sex -- especially when you combine all three together in one show. That's the formula which makes HBO's True Blood series so successful. Based on Charlaine Harris' ongoing Sookie Stackhouse novels, the show follows mind-reading protagonist Sookie in her misadventures in a world in which vampires have recently come out of the closet... er, coffin. Last night, a couple hundred lucky locals got a sneak peek at the first two episodes of True Blood's new season just prior to the national airing on HBO and via HBO Go. If you thought last season's fairies and werepanthers were a little over-the-top, just wait to see the schlock that's in store this season.

With Sookie stuck in fairyland (seriously) for over a year, apparently the shit in Bon Temps hit the fan. In the Season Four opener, we see that Jason became a cop, Tara skipped town, Sookie's house was sold, and Arlene thinks her baby's a demon child. 

Here are our predictions for what else True Blood fans can expect to see more of this summer:

Hot lesbian sex: 

Season three was a little bit of a sausage fest, what with the myriad of gay male relationships and the hot homoerotic dream sequence between Sam and Bill. Now we're seeing the scales tilt with boobs galore, plus a hot bedroom romp between Tara and her new sexy Asian lover. Considering Tara's luck with men, maybe this is a good way to go. 

The softer side of Eric: The sheriff of Area 5 is about to get a whole lot more likeable, despite tricking his way into Sookie's house and spewing cheesy come-ons that encourage her to drop her panties in exchange for a little "protection." We won't tell you exactly what's coming, but suffice it to say that fans of Harris' series will get their wish to see a little more of the Eric that's in book four.

Pam's deadpan deliveries: During her recent visit to Phoenix Comicon, actress Kristen Bauer van Straten remarked that she would be appearing more this season. Good thing, because zingers like, "let's leave them alone to practice their constitutional right to be fucking idiots" (spoken about the anti-vamp picketers outside Fangtasia) are part of what keeps us tuning in.  

Vampire Bill, less of a still a douchebag: Last season we watched Bill's downward spiral from nice guy to the asshole who tried to kill off Pam and Eric just to cover up his dating snag (whoops, he was sent by the vamp queen to charm the pants off of Sookie!). Bill's not looking much better yet, but flashbacks at least clue us in to the fact that other vamps are pulling his strings.

Jason, with an IQ higher than a potted plant: Sookie's dumb-as-rocks brother must've found the wizard behind the curtain during her yearlong absence, because he now has a brain -- and doesn't hump anything that moves. Still, the show's writers manage to get him naked by Episode 2. It'll be interesting to see if he can keep it up (wink, wink).    

Magick and wiccans and fairies, oh my! For a small town, Bon Temps is sure overrun with all manner of mystical creatures. Now, even the non-supes are getting in on the action by holding hands, chanting and unleashing some ancient force that's destined to plague the town throughout the season. As Lafayette would say, you can bet on it, bitches!

Catch True Blood at 9 p.m. Sundays on HBO.

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