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The Most Popular TV Show Set in Arizona Is...

When we're not busy sifting through the Internet figuring out which state universities are the sexiest or which has the hottest college girls, we're looking for the important data, the hard-hitting, state-by-state statistics that make our countless wasted hours on the Internet totally worth it.

Today, we bring you the most popular TV show in every state.

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As a follow-up to its post on The Most Famous Books In Every State, Business Insider has compiled a infrographic detailing the Most Popular TV Shows Set in Every State.

Business Insider collected its data from IMDb and Metacritic, using factors such as show longevity, awards, public and critical acclaim, and cultural impact. Reality shows were not included, and the end result had nothing to do with how many residents actually watched a specific series -- otherwise, you could pretty much count on Breaking Bad dominating nearly every state, instead of just New Mexico.

Arizona's most popular show was the NBC (then later, CBS) drama series Medium, which ran from 2005 to 2011 and followed the story of woman who worked for the Phoenix District Attorney and solved crimes through her ability to communicate with the dead.

While it wasn't exactly the greatest show to grace the television screen, Patricia Arquette working for the D.A. and bringing down the hammer of justice by talking to dead people sounds like the just the type of crazy you'd find in Arizona.

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