The Museum of Obsolete Objects

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The group behind German Digital Agency Jung von Matt couldn't help but notice that with advancements in technology, a few of their favorite items had disappeared from daily life.

Sadly, as our daily lives become more and more digital some things fall by the way side as they are replaced by newer, "better" devices. Let us not forget those fallen appliances, tools and gadgets and relive those bygone times by taking a visit to The Museum of Obsolete Objects. Step inside to step back in time!

The online, icon-based website provides examples of these objects -- along with their dates of invention and obsolescence -- including the floppy drive (invented in 1960, obsolete since 1995) and the pocket calculator (invented in 1970, obsolete since 1998).

Each item is introduced by a digitized voice and its function displayed through video. To learn more about these obsolete items or recommend a few in the comments section, check out the museum's website.

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