The Nun Run

Fair warning: the Pope's not town and there are no plans for Sister Act 3.

If you spotted a few habits in motion over the the weekend, you were just witness to the second annual Nun Run at Kiwanis Park where hundreds of runners (and a handful of nuns) turned out to support the Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration.

Four nuns took part in the race, two in the 5k and 10k runs respectively and two others in the 1k walk. As difficult or astonishing it seems to run in the outfits, the Poor Clares sisters were surprisingly casual about the entire thing.

"We get used to it," says Sr. John-Mark Maria, who sported Asics running shoes underneath her habit for the 10k run. "People are surprised to see us, but they admire the fact that we'll do something crazy-fun like this."

"It's like running in a long dress," says Sr. Mary Fidelis.

According to Sister Esther Marie, the 2011 run raised an estimated $40,000 in donations.

For more information regarding the Nun Run or the cloister, visit their website.

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