The Philosophies and Comics of Jon Haddock in This Week's Issue of New Times

Scottsdale's Museum of Contemporary Art opened its summer season with exhibitions by Seattle-based installation duo Lead Pencil Studios and local artist Jon Haddock, who created and curated "IDIOS KOSMOS: KOINOS KOSMOS".

Haddock's show, which will up be at SMoCA until October 2, includes visual, sculptural, and installation work by nine artists (including Haddock) and is the subject of this week's art feature by Tricia Parker. 

Parker writes: 

Both exhibits focus on what is private (idios) and what is collective (koinos) and how much of each we do, or can, bring to the other. Are we individual agents or members of something greater? The cop-out answer is, of course, both. But what if we had to choose?

Those questions and ideas permeate Haddock's own work in the exhibit "Us Versus Them," and they also are interesting to consider in the gallery next door. Haddock, who acted as guest curator of "Masters of Collective Reality," chose nine artists whose work he admires and has been influential to his own. Full story ...

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