The Photo-Luminescent Sound Garden at Scottsdale Civic Center

No need to be alarmed by the echoing drones coming from the bell tower at the Scottsdale Civic Center -- they're just part of the latest installation.

The Photo-Luminescent Sound Garden is a creation of Todd Ingalls and Mary Neubauer. Together, they designed and installed six translucent forms that each have more than 50 layers of laser-cut material and edge glow plastic mounted on LED light tubes.

The installation is triggered by human motion, so as people walk under the tower, the forms emit glowing lights and "bell-like tones."

The two artists create an interesting dynamic in the science-meets-art vein.

Ingalls is a media composer and a faculty member at the Arizona State University School of Arts, Media and Engineering. His performances and installations are often interactive and utilize computer-generated music and sonic environments. He's currently researching gestural communication and biofeedback for rehabilitation.

Neubauer is also a faculty member at ASU; she's a part of the sculpture department where her work ranges from physical sculptures and digital prints to animations and data streams.

The Sound Garden is sponsored by the Scottsdale Public Art program and Bell'e Art Installations, which allow artists to display their work and alter the bell tower (check out previous Bell'e Art installations).

Neubauer and Ingalls' installation will be up until September 6.

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