The Photography of Timothy Archibald

Take a look at the image to the left about photo etiquette (in case it's hard to read, go here for a larger likeness) and tell us, with a straight face, that you've never photographed a pet, bridges, puddles, or your car's rear-view mirror.

You have, haven't you?!

This image was spotted on the blog of Timothy Archibald, who borrowed the shot from inside the halls of West Virginia University's photo department.

This type of image sharing is the modus operandi of Archibald's Blogspot, where he either posts his own works or other people's for inspiration before writing his musings and goings-on regarding his gig as a professional photographer.

Archibald is a former New Times staff shutterbug who is currently based in San Francisco as a "human, humorous, and subversive" commercial and editorial photographer. His works have appeared in collections and galleries around the world, including Hong Kong, Australia, and New York City's Museum of Sex.

One of his must moving shoots is a continuing idea about his son Elijah called "Echolilia," a series that's available in book form.

Archibald began photographing his son when he was 5 years old, moments before Elijah was diagnosed with autism.

Even though the artist-subject dynamics could have changed, the portrait sessions have always explored "'the me and him relationship,' with the camera," said Archibald during a recent interview with Feature Shoot.

Check out Archibald's official website here and his blog here.

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