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The Rise Project Offers After-School Urban Arts Classes for Teens

When the Phoenix Center for the Arts partnered up with ASU Downtown's School of Public Affairs and the Phoenix Center Association, we knew things were about to get seriously creative -- and educational.

Together, they're sponsoring the Rise Project, an 8-week, after-school program in urban performing arts.

Classes will be held at the Phoenix Center for the Arts, 1202 N 3rd St. in Phoenix, and will include break dancing, rapping (MC'ing), DJing, and community and expressive arts.

The program's organizer (and local artist) Joseph Sentrock Perez says faculty includes painters Alexander Krump and Luis Gutierrez, DJ Cre and dancers from the Rock Steady crew.

Sign up info after the jump ...

Each class is open to teens ages 13 to 17, and can only be held once the 10-student minimum is met. The 8-week program costs $25, will be held weekly from January until March, and will culminate in a youth arts festival, according to the Phoenix Center for the Arts.

To sign up, call 602-262-4627, and for more information, check out the Rise Project's facebook page.

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