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The Seven Creepiest Moments in The Bachelor and The Bachelorette History

The newest season of ABC's The Bachelor/ette television legacy begins this week. It's bound to be full of drama and romance with new bachelorette Ms. Desiree Hartsock sweeping her gents off on grand adventures all over the world.

But let's be honest, that's only half the reason to watch. The best and usually most memorable moments are the awkward ones, like when a date suddenly turns into an impromptu wedding service or a chick shows up with fangs. Like, real fangs. In case you've forgotten just how great these fails can be, here's a roundup of the creepiest moments in The Bachelor and Bachelorette history.

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7. Busting into song mid-date It's weird enough to spontaneously begin singing to your date to fill an awkward silence, but you officially land yourself in creepy territory when the song you choose is one you're making up about her as you go. And the surplus of eye contact. That's pretty creepy, too.

6. Going sexy-vampire for the first date The first show of the season has become a crazy attraction all its own with contestants constantly upping the ante on ways to get extra attention during the evening's cocktail party. People have shown up in helicopters, on horse, on skateboard, and even done back flips, but the creepiest shtick would probably have to be when contestant Madion Garton wore actual fangs to the party and then tried to play coy about it. Her plan totally backfired and left bachelor Brad really unconformable and confused.

5. Wearing a mask Contestant Jeff Medolla had a great idea to make sure bachelorette Ashley Hebert wasn't just into him for his looks: Wear a mask, duh. We see what he was trying to do there, but the producers did him no favors by playing ominous music while showing him peering down on the party from the balcony above. It quickly turned the idea from cute-ish to totally creepy in a very Phantom of the Opera sort of way. 4. Wearing a Wedding Dress As if viewers needed another reason to hate contestant Courtney Robertson, she had to go ahead and ambush bachelor Ben with a surprise wedding ceremony. Okay, okay, so it was fake, but the point is that when you're on the reality television fast track to engagement, there's really no time for jokes.

3. Giving away your underwear Contestant Stacey Elza was a little too eager to get with London Calling bachelor Matt Grant. To handle her nerves, she got totally wasted and gave him a pair of panties, which is not exactly the kind of gift you want from a stranger -- even though she later told reporters they were just an extra pair, as opposed to the ones she was wearing.

Which leads is to the next logical question: Why do you carry an extra pair?

2. Getting 50 Shades of Wasted Again with the wasted chicks. This time, we're talking about Ashley Palenkas, who showed up on the first night with a gray tie in reference to 50 Shades of Grey -- because lady porn is always a great way to break the ice. It only got creepier when she got drunk, started spying on bachelor Sean during his conversations with other girls, and finally busted out dancing and booty-popping. Alone. With a tie.

1. Body art Hands down, the top prize has to go to Casey Kahl, because, all singing aside, he went totally creepy and got a tattoo to prove to bachelorette Ali just how much he wanted to "guard and protect" her heart. The best part about the whole situation is probably that just after he showed Ali his new tat, she dumped him and flew away in a helicopter with another guy leaving Kasey alone on a snowy mountain with (we're guessing) a lot of regret.

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