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The Seven Creepiest Moments in The Bachelor and The Bachelorette History

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7. Busting into song mid-date It's weird enough to spontaneously begin singing to your date to fill an awkward silence, but you officially land yourself in creepy territory when the song you choose is one you're making up about her as you go. And the surplus of eye contact. That's pretty creepy, too.

6. Going sexy-vampire for the first date The first show of the season has become a crazy attraction all its own with contestants constantly upping the ante on ways to get extra attention during the evening's cocktail party. People have shown up in helicopters, on horse, on skateboard, and even done back flips, but the creepiest shtick would probably have to be when contestant Madion Garton wore actual fangs to the party and then tried to play coy about it. Her plan totally backfired and left bachelor Brad really unconformable and confused.

5. Wearing a mask Contestant Jeff Medolla had a great idea to make sure bachelorette Ashley Hebert wasn't just into him for his looks: Wear a mask, duh. We see what he was trying to do there, but the producers did him no favors by playing ominous music while showing him peering down on the party from the balcony above. It quickly turned the idea from cute-ish to totally creepy in a very Phantom of the Opera sort of way.

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