The StoryCorps MobileBooth Records Stories by Phoenicians in February (and Reservations Open Today)

The StoryCorps MobileBooth Records Stories by Phoenicians in February (and Reservations Open Today)

Editor's Note: As of 12:50 p.m. on Thursday, January 31, reservations for StoryCorps are full. StoryCorps members are still taking calls and placing those interested in participating on waiting lists in case of cancellations.

Those wanting to get inside the vintage Airstream trailer soon to be parked in front of the Phoenix Art Museum, need to make reservations.

The hip-again home on wheels is none other than the StoryCorps MobileBooth, in Phoenix through March 8 to record the stories of Valley residents for archival at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress.

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Reservations can be made beginning at 10 a.m. Thursday, January 31 by calling StoryCorps' 24-hour toll-free reservation line at 800-850-4406, or at

The Airstream--containing a custom recording studio--has been traversing the United States since 2003. To date, interviews from nearly 80,000 people have been recorded.

The concept is simple: Two people with a strong connection--mother and son, husband and wife, high school friends, etc.--converse with each other over a 45-50 minute span. A StoryCorps representative leads the interviewees through the process for smoother results.

"StoryCorps tells the true American story--that we are a people defined by small acts of courage, kindness and heroism. Each interview reminds people that their lives matter and will not be forgotten," StoryCorps creator and award-winning documentary producer David Isay says in a press release. "By strengthening connections between people and building an archive that reflects the rich diversity of American voices, we hope to build StoryCorps into an enduring institution that will touch the lives of every American family."

Many of the interviews have been aired over the years on National Public Radio, heard locally on KJZZ. The station will be broadcasting select interview segments gathered during the month-long recording session. All recordings will also be considered for broadcast on NPR's Morning Edition.

Participants receive a CD of the interview. There is no charge; however StoryCorps suggests a $25 when possible.

Everyone is invited to participate; just pick up the phone and secure a couple seats--before all the spots are taken.


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