The Suburban Seed Plants Itself in the West Valley on Saturday

When you think of the West Valley, live music, art showcases and community gatherings may not come to mind; the crew behind The Suburban Seed is hoping to change your mind.

The Suburban Seed is a service project that will arrive in Glendale this weekend. The idea behind the project, and its name, is to plant art and music into the suburbs.

Find out what The Suburban Seed has to offer, after the jump ...

The first Suburban Seed event will be held on Saturday, November 6 at Next Coffee Co. in Glendale. The event is free (unless you plan on indulging in coffee shop treats) and open to all ages.

Attendees can expect to see work from local artists and hear the tunes by local musicians. But wait, there's more. Instruments, paper, art supplies and disposable cameras will be set up around the coffee shop and available for use. Interaction is encouraged but not required.

The folks behind this project hope to see it grow. While they're not certain whether The Suburban Seed will become an on-going event or not, they promise to keep us all up to date on their Facebook page.

If you are an artist or musician who would like to participate in future Suburban Seed events, contact Gavin Linderman at [email protected]

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D'Aundra Wallace