The Sweater Set

Loving things that are stupid and ugly is the hipster M.O. Between this unrepentant group's cheeky celebration of Lisa Frank unicorn designs to bragging about undying Spice Girls love and being "outraged" at the upcoming Boy Meets World reboot, we've had just about enough. Well, almost.

It wouldn't be too hypocritical to join in the legitimate fun of wearing wintry sweaters that look like Buddy the Elf puked all over them. Would it? Whatever. We're willing to indulge our own Millennial tendency to pick out gross things at Goodwill that we wear once before re-donating them. That's our plan for the Tacky Holiday Sweater Party on Thursday, December 6, anyway.

Thu., Dec. 6, 6-9 p.m., 2012
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