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The Sydell Group to "Ace"ify Hotel Theodore in Scottsdale; Six Reasons Why We're Excited

As of last week, downtown Scottsdale has one more reason to kick back a few vintage cocktails; The New-York based Sydell Group (behind the Ace Hotel New York and the Ace Hotel and Swim Club in Palm Spring) purchased Hotel Theodore with plans for a rename and big-time renovation.

According to the Republic, the hotel sold for $16.25 million and will be run by the San Francisco-based group Joie de Vivre Hospitality.

The Sydell Group has yet to reveal interior plans for Theodore, which has been the Mondrian Scottsdale and James Hotel. And judging by the photos of Ace Hotels currently in Portland, Seattle, New York, and Palm Springs on the Ace Hotel flickr group, we'll have more than a few reasons to geek out in the new hipster haven.

Check out the predictions for the space's food offerings on Chow Bella and six boutique-y reasons why we're excited for the new spot after the jump ...

1. Endless Portlandia References

Now we'll have to wait and see whether they decide to put a bird on it.

2. Indoor Wall Murals

Because we're obsessed.

3. Photo Booths

In case you can't get your fix at Smeeks or with Mr. Fun Booth, who's been at nearly every art event within the past few months.

4. Elevator-Taker Discrimination

Let's be honest: we all kind of hate that person that presses "2" from the lobby.

5. Keys

Real hotel keys are the new vintage owls. You heard it here first. 

6. The Lobby: Another Place to Commune with MacBook Friends

For when the light table at Lux is reserved for the next week and half.

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