The Thrill Is On

It's kind of like a game of Clue, a whodunit full of unexpected twists and turns, and ultimately some very surprising results. Except the audience “playing” Accomplice doesn’t have to pick cards and move board pieces. With subtle innuendo, sly manipulations, and a few dangerous weapons (words included), the Rupert Holmes-penned thriller's actors keep everyone guessing. And laughing too, because despite the serious overtones, backstabbing (almost literally), and dreaded implications, the farcical nature of the performance keeps everyone guessing what is or isn’t real. But let us not say more, so as not to give away the secrets that have made Accomplice a hit since debuting with a 1990 Broadway production starring Seinfeld’s Jason Alexander and This Is Spinal Tap's Michael McKean. The play was a hands-up winner of an Edgar (as in Edgar Allan Poe) Award, a.k.a. the “Oscar of crime," for its clever wit and devilish plot twists.

Thursdays-Saturdays, 7:30 p.m.; Sundays, 2 p.m.; Wed., April 24, 2 p.m. Starts: April 12. Continues through May 12, 2013
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Glenn BurnSilver
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