The Twisted Show's Sticking it to Hallmark at PHX:fringe

In Tom Tiding's world of Twisted Tidings, no greeting card is left unscathed or sarcastically reproduced.

"Congratulations on your new baby!" One of Tiding's cards reads. "At least now there's one person in your family who's not a complete asshole.

With the help of a few greeting card inspirations, the Washington D.C.-based artist and comedian is coming to Phoenix to debut his one-man show Twisted - Greeting Card Moments Gone Bad at the Phoenix Fringe Festival April 8 through 10.

"[Greeting cards] make me sick with the flowers and poems," says Tiding. "How can people spend three dollars on things that aren't even applicable to real life?"

The show will be primarily based around Tiding telling the real and unique stories behind his own cards, which stem from situations gone horribly wrong in his life.

Tiding says during his show he'll be sharing personal stories behind his cards as well as how he started his company -- while taking every opportunity to slam what he calls schmaltzy stationery.

Twisted is set to run throughout the weekend at Phoenix Fringe. Tickets are on sale for $10, check out their website for more details.

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