The Vinyl Frontier

If you've been wondering why all the cool obscure vinyl from places like Eastside Records and Tracks in Wax has disappeared lately, chances are these platters have found their way into the collection Djentrification. Don't worry, they ain't hoarding all the wacky wax from you charlatans (à la Jack Black in High Fidelity), but are procuring them for his weekly Tuesday night turntable gig at Bikini Lounge. Djentrification's crates are filled with plenty of old-school punk, funk, jazz, and other various rarities from artists ranging from The Feederz, Dennis Coffey, Fela Kuti, and Tom Waits. There's also plenty of surreal spinning in the form of Asian dub, Bollywood music, and kids' records that work their way into his trully bizarre repertoire. Basically, if its rare or weird, Djentrification will be spinning it.
Tuesdays, 10 p.m., 2009
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